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India is a well known for its ancient heritage and culture. Many cultural practices, languages, customs, architecture of forts, palaces and monuments showcase this co-mingling over centuries. Rajasthan, one of the most popular tourist attractions among Indian Heritage tours, offers many monuments from ancient India which are now converted into luxurious hotels giving you a glimpse into their royal past.

Rajasthan is the land of Maharajas , forts, palaces, romantic Havelis drenched in royalty. Each monument echoes with rich architectural grandeur. Most of these Palaces and Havelis having been converted into Heritage Hotels offer a taste of its grandeur to the guests. With impeccable services, they offer unparalleled luxury and the regal lifestyle during your stay. Each of these heritage hotels has its own magical charm and traditional decor. For decades the Rajput fortress, the defensive castles, and the composite Havelis have been the abode of nobility- and hospitality here is a way of life.

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